A Work In Progress

Ch-ch-changes:  I have decided to move forward with Creating Krista as a DIY-focused blogging adventure!  Of course, there will still be bits and pieces of my life shared here, but for any professional-related thoughts, feel free to visit my WordPress site.

I am so excited to focus on this new endeavor and share the good, the bad, and the ugly that accompanies all things DIY.  Let’s ignore the fact that I have a fairly consuming full-time job (as well as a part-time job) and get to the fun stuff.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken baby steps to get this DIY party started. I’ll start with a few sneak peeks until I can share all the nitty gritty details of what I’ve been working on.

Freshening up a foyer table.  We purchased this bad boy for $10 at a local Furnishing Solutions store, where proceeds directly benefit the mission of Homeless Solutions Inc., dedicated to providing support for individuals and families in the Morris County area.  I’m in the priming stages, but expect to see the full reveal once we get a little Behr Malibu Peach action going.

Building a bench.  Okay, I take no credit for this one – I’m married to an amateur woodworker, after all.  While we are confined to a rather neutral exterior due to condo living, keep an eye out for a LOT more color coming your way on our front porch!  Isn’t this bench beautiful?  And won’t it just look fantastic with the brightly colored pillows from Target that I couldn’t resist buying?

Crafting.  A 15 minute trip to Hobby Lobby can result in a lot of different emotions, but the last trip produced a pretty cute craft to add some more curb appeal (and color) to our front door. I will be sharing the full project soon, but in the meantime you can ogle over this inspiration I found on Pinterest.

Neon everything.  I love bright colors almost more than I love cats.  So when I saw a can of bright blue spray paint and primer at Home Depot, I had to make my move.  This little plant stand from Target is getting a big makeover.  I am obsessed with neon, and I’m starting to think I need help.

There you have it – four DIY teasers! How can you stand the excitement?

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