Neon Lights

I’ve always had a bit of a neon obsession, even as a child.  The brighter the wardrobe, the wall colors, the comforter, the better.  As Demi Lovato would say, I was burning up like neon lights.  This, coupled with the ongoing problem of my very bland front porch, inspired me to think as bright as humanly possible.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Dan and I were perusing the shelves of Target looking for decor to add to our curb appeal (okay, I was the one looking).  We found this fun plant tray which appeals to both of our interests: me, decorations and Dan, plants.  While it looks pretty green in its online glory, we both found it to be a little drab in person.

I knew this was my perfect opportunity to take advantage of Dan’s moment of weakness and remind him of the neon blue spray paint that I purchased at Home Depot a few weeks earlier.  On a whim, I spotted this bad boy and decided that I needed to own him for an as-yet-untitled project.  It was only about $4 for the satin aqua finish paint and primer, good for outdoor and indoor use, as well as multiple surfaces.

This paint refresher project was a no-brainer.  We laid out a plastic tarp over the driveway and placed heavy objects (buckets, tools, etc.) on the corners of the tarp so it wouldn’t blow around.  I placed the plant stand in the middle of the tarp and brought out the big guns.  One coat of spray paint did the trick. I was careful in the corner areas and tried to keep the can moving slowly back and forth in a horizontal pattern to prevent dripping.  Also, always goggles and mask, people.  My husband is a paint safety officer.

Here she is in all of her neon glory.  You may notice that I wrapped the handles in plastic baggies with tape over them so I could easily move the tray table when I was done spraying.


After a day or so of drying, I spray painted the handles and was able to move the plant stand back into the garage.  The entire process of freshening up our outdoor space took about 20 minutes.  Totally worth it! :) Of course, the most fun part was decorating the plant stand with some of Dan’s herbs (cilantro, dill, and rosemary – if you’re wondering).  I’m sure I will play around with it more, but for now I’ll admire the neon glory.



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