A Peachy Keen Makeover

Ahh, I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning, especially when fresh paint means a furniture makeover!  I am excited to report a successful transformation from the frontlines of our foyer.  Hello, beautiful.

You might remember that I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I purchased this table at Furnishing Solutions, a furniture resale store in Morris Plains, New Jersey.  Their profits all benefit an organization called Homeless Solutions, which provides support to individuals and families in the Morris County area who are homeless or in need of emergency shelter.  I have so much love for this great mission and their 17,000-square foot store full of awesomeness! I scoured the shelves and came away with a ton of cute glass vases and candlesticks, but the real find was my $10 table.  Definitely check out their website and consider donating if you live in the area.

Now, let me own up to the fact my makeover was a s-l-o-w process. Being that I have a somewhat demanding full-time job and do a lot of Jazzercising in my free time, this project took me a lot longer than I expected.  I apologize to my husband for leaving this table in the garage workshop for two months.  Let’s revisit the tale that brought this table back to life.

Here she is in her original glory. A few scratches, but overall in good condition.  Dan actually had to patch her up with a shim and some glue because the bottom middle rung was wobbling.  When we were looking for a foyer table, I knew I wanted one with some character, but I also realized the importance of making sure it’s fairly stable to support whatever we placed on top of it.

My first task was cleaning the table, so I did that with some wood cleaner and paper towels, which worked out fine.  I mostly had to brush out cobwebs and remove any dust that had collected over the years.  Then I broke out the sander for an afternoon and sanded down the tabletop, which needed the most repair.  I also sanded the inside of the drawer (erasing the carvings of someone named “Bianca” – oh vintage furniture).  The legs seemed to be in good condition so I left those as is.

The next day I set up my makeshift painting station on the driveway.  It’s just a clear plastic painting tarp weighed down with some heavy buckets and other items on the corners.  I laid out some cardboard to cover the base, though both probably were not needed.  Given that the table is so old, we both agreed that using primer would be a necessity and had some leftover Fresh Start High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer from Benjamin Moore from painting our bedroom.  It’s low VOC and eco-friendly.

After a coat of primer, this table was looking pretty fresh. However, I know that I am planning to keep the foyer fairly neutral, so I wanted to bring in a pop of color.  Enter Behr’s Malibu Peach to do the trick: we bought a quart for about $8.  Just two coats and a lot of time spent on my driveway in plain view of my neighbors.

The first coat was fairly light, but after two coats I was confident that peach was the pop of color I needed to bring some life into our foyer.  Let’s take a look at that side by side comparison one more time.  In case you’re wondering about the décor, the vase is from Bob’s Discount Furniture (yes, they sell home accents too!), the ceramic pig is from HomeGoods, and that wire basket I am currently dying over is a garage sale find from last week for 5 bucks.  Overall, this table makeover only ended up being about $18, and I couldn’t be happier.

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