Mother of Desks, Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote an original blog post.  Let’s be real, your girl has been teaching Jazzercise almost every single day this week.  That, coupled with a new feng shui project happening in the guest room/office, and I’ve been slacking on the writing front.  Never fear, Part 2 is here!  Remember this beauty?

After I decided I wasn’t going to paint, sand, or stain the desk, I knew there was one small project remaining.  This 1970’s desk hadn’t exactly been cleaned out or cared for in recent years.  Since its main use will be storage, I wanted to make sure the drawers were clean and easy to use.  Instead of buying drawer liners or contact paper, I thought I’d make use of some materials I already had around the house to make drawer liners.

Enter fun and fabulous fabric!  I had a few scraps leftover from various projects (decorating a bookshelf, bulletin board, and a front door decoration) and they just so happened to be the right size for my desk drawers.  First, I had to find the best way to line the drawers.

I bought some Mod Podge Stiffy, also known as fabric stiffener, from Michaels.  You can mix a little bit of the Mod Podge with water, depending on how stiff you want the fabric to be.  Since it would be lining drawers, I wanted it to have some flexibility for shaping along the edge of the drawers.

Next, I submerged the fabric in the mixture, making sure to press it into the bowl.  I kept the fabric folded up but was careful not to add any more creases – they can wrinkle the fabric, even when it’s stiffened.  When I took the fabric out of the bowl and unfolded it, I had to be careful not to wring it out and add more wrinkles, so I just kept pressing the fabric between my hands until all the moisture came out.

Next, I smoothed and straightened out the fabric on a piece of wood that we had in the garage.  I was just careful to press everything out gently and get rid of all those air bubbles.

I waited about four hours for the fabric to dry, and that seemed to be the magic number.  My best piece of fabric dried in the garage rather than out in the sun, so keep that in mind when you’re working on a similar project.  We measured out the inside of the drawers using a carpenter’s square, and then measured the fabric to fit.

The first time that I lined the drawer, the fabric was still too long, so I had to cut it a second time.  I then stuck the fabric down with double sided tape so that I can easily change it out if I want something different.

The next step? Repeat two more times of course!  What could be better than rainbow chevron fabric?  Answer: not much.

Last but not least, more polka dots!  All three drawers combined add some great storage and fun flavor to the desk.  I’m quite happy with this mini-makeover.

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