After living with our new Ikea bookshelf for a couple of weeks, I started to notice little changes that could be made and pops of color that we could bring in.  Let’s take a look at our old friend Hemnes up close and personal.  Notice anything different?

First, you’ll notice the obvious pouf we found on clearance at Target (hooray patterns and bright colors!).  Second, look a little closer at some snazzy new bookends and magazine holders.  Let’s discuss.

In our guest room, I plan to lean heavily on yellow as an accent color.  This is especially important because the room is on the darker side, since much of the light is blocked by trees outside our windows.  My initial thought process has been revolving around this color palette, bringing in yellows, pinks, and light blues along with our green walls.  In order to add these colors into the bookshelf, I had to do a few small projects first.

I bought these wooden magazine holders at Ikea, during the same trip when we purchased our bookshelf.  They were $5 each, but I really appreciated that they were made of real wood and were very sturdy.  They actually hold all of Dan’s woodworking magazines (there are a lot) so it was important that they could accommodate a lot of weight.  In order to spray paint these, I bought a can of Krylon Sun Yellow interior and exterior spray paint.  They required a bit of prep as well since I only wanted to paint the outside of the holders.

I lined the open holes in the magazine holder with painter’s tape.  I then took a few inches of plastic wrap and taped over the top of the magazine holder with painter’s tape.  I tried to keep all of the tape on the top layer, rather than covering over the sides of the magazine holder.  It took me about five minutes to wrap each carefully.

Safe spray painting means mask and goggles in our house!  Anyway, next it was on to the brand new bookends that I found on clearance at J.C. Penney.  They were actually part of the  Jonathan Adler collection (obsessed) and were finally on clearance for $19.99.  I have been coveting these bookends since December when they were regularly priced at $42!

As much as I really loved the white apple bookends, I knew that it wouldn’t be enough to add the little pops of color in our all-white bookshelf.  In came Design Master Colortool spray paint in coral bright.  Now, in my mind, coral bright means a pink/orange combination.  I wasn’t exactly expecting…

Fuschia.  Hot pink. Barbie pink.  Whatever name you’d like to call this paint color, I don’t think coral is one of them.  However, in the interest of saving time and money, I’ll be sticking with my Barbie pink bookends for the time being (and I’ve secretly fallen in love with this color).  Note to any spray painting novices: make sure you provide a very large ground covering for your paint setup area.  I actually thought that my cardboard covering was enough, but a few streaks of paint made its way through onto the sidewalk.  We were able to mix some soap and water and wash it away for the most part, but it gave me a bit of a scare, so be careful!  Now just a few more sneak peeks at what else we’ve got going on in this bookshelf.

Baskets are always an amazing addition to any bookshelf.  Note the amount of nerdy and fantastic toys that are housed in this basket.  Let’s see how many different fandoms are represented: Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers… did I miss anything? :)

We also have a ton of stationery, cards, and keepsakes that were easily stored in these storage boxes from Michaels.  They often have great sales and these only cost $2 each, so I bought three.  Of course, you can always use coupons to bring those prices down.

Counting the updates one more time: baskets, storage boxes, spray painted magazine holders, and spray painted bookends, oh my – all for a limited expense.  What little upgrades have you brought into your home?  They often make the biggest difference.  Also, on a final note, I’ll be taking some personal time away so I won’t be blogging or working on projects next week.  I’ll see you in two weeks!

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