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It’s been a while, my blogeriffic friends! Between an incredible vacation to England and Norway (visiting the Harry Potter studios, Tower of London, and the four beautiful Norwegian ports of Stavanger, Skjolden, Alesund, and Bergen) and a LONG two weeks of work, I am back in action! Well, not really.  The truth of the matter is, DIY projects take time.  A lot of time.  And patience.  I haven’t really gotten my hands dirty in over a month now, and I’m already noticing how I get more easily frustrated and am feeling more stressed.  It’s time to get back in the DIY game.  All I ask is for your patience as I find the time to a) do projects and b) blog about them.  But first, here’s a little post about progress.

I’ve never met a list that I didn’t like.  Even the most harried and horrible to-do list is a friend of mine.  In the spirit of loving lists (plus the fact that I’ve had no time to do projects upon my return to the States), I thought I would give you all a glimpse into the DIY section of my brain.  For those of you who are currently working on projects of your own, don’t let your lack of progress get you down! It can take months, or even years, just to get moving on a small project.  We’ve been in this house for three years and still have a long way to go toward making our house a home.

In a small, two-bedroom townhouse, it can be pretty easy to identify the different spaces of the house that are a work in progress.  I have quite a few projects on the horizon, some major and some minor. However, it’s good to review what’s already been done as well.  Let’s see where the past eight months have gotten us in our DIY journey.

Living Room – 85% Complete

The Living Room is the most complete room in our house in terms of projects.  We just need to work on our window treatment situation, though it’s not an easy task since I’m dying for roman shades and our windows don’t seem to be deep enough to accommodate them.  I’m taking any suggestions on how to remedy this problem!

  • ·         Make a new lamp
  • ·         Freecycle side table
  • ·         Put Jets lamp in storage
  • ·         Put old rug in storage
  • Buy roman shades
  • Remove old verticals
  • ·         Windowframe project
  • ·         Store photo albums
  • ·         Frame gallery layout
  • ·         Donate books
  • ·         Bring ottoman in as side table
  • ·         Buy tray for ottoman
  • ·         Turn mirror into chalkboard


Dining Room – 0% Complete

Yeah, the Dining Room has been a bit neglected.  We inherited furniture from my aunt and uncle, which we love, but it’s time to grow up and get our own dining room set in the near future.  For a Round 1 upgrade, I’d like to take our old-school china cabinet and use it to display some of our more fun and funky items.  Currently it’s just a storage space for our china set.  I’d even consider painting the kitchen chairs in Round 1.  This is definitely a winter project, so hopefully we’ll see some progress in this space soon.

  • New kitchen table
  • New kitchen chairs
  • Take china out of cabinet and into storage
  • Use fabric and foam core to back the buffet
  • Put new stuff into china cabinet
  • New light fixture
  • Back corner decorating (near the screen door)


Kitchen – 0% Done

Yet another neglected space.  So sorry, kitchen.  I did, however, put a call into a contractor so that’s a start!  I’m hoping to get a few estimates on an actual kitchen renovation this fall and then decide what’s feasible for Dan and I to take on ourselves.  We’re still DIY newbies, but I am definitely eager to try something new. There will be no Round 1 for this kitchen – it has to be all or nothing!

  • Get a quote for new cabinets
  • Get a quote for new counters
  • Possibly knock out pantry (at the very least upgrade these pantries – they are in bad shape)
  • New light fixture
  • Tile backsplash


Foyer – 62% Complete

This was the summer of the foyer renovation.  So far, we’ve added all new furniture and decor fixings and painted the entire area.  A new light fixture is definitely in the works, along with an upgrade to that less-than-appealing coat closet, but that is much farther down the line in our priorities.  I’m pretty happy with our upgrades thus far that I chronicled in this June post.

  • ·         Choose paint color for foyer
  • ·         Paint foyer
  • ·         Finish painting foyer table
  • ·         Hang up mirrors/art in foyer
  • ·         Decorate foyer table
  • New light fixture
  • Paint stairway walls
  • Upgrade coat closet


Downstairs Bathroom – 0% Complete

I hate to say it, but the Downstairs Bathroom is the bane of my existence.  Every time I set foot in the bathroom, my mind goes blank.  I can’t even come up with a paint color or choose art for the walls.  I’m starting to think a full overhaul may be in the works for this space as well.  At the very least, I’d love to try my hand at upgrading the vanity and mirror, even if we leave the tile and toilet for the time being.

  • New mirror
  • New paint
  • New vanity
  • New decorating plan


Upstairs Bedroom – 33% Complete

While painting the bedroom was probably the biggest beast on this list, we haven’t actually made much progress since our Christmas break project.  To be totally honest, the only progress I’ve made is A) organizing the shoes in my closet and B) buying a single, sad chair pillow (see above).  The good news is we just bought some new sheets and pillowcases from Target, so hopefully that will freshen up the room and give me a new take on our color scheme.  There’s also a frame gallery project in my immediate future, so something tells me this bedroom will be going from drab to fab in no time.

  • ·         Paint bedroom
  • ·         New laundry baskets
  • ·         Get rid of bookshelves
  • New bed frame/headboard project
  • New side tables (can we say 50% done?)
  • New light fixtures
  • Decorate window wall
  • Create frame gallery behind bed
  • Replace carpets


Guest Bedroom – 37% Complete

The Guest Room has gotten some attention this summer as well. Words cannot describe the ecstasy I felt when I discovered my lost desk/sewing machine table on the curb.  I even lined her beautiful shelves and started to decorate a bit.  However, the wall behind our his and hers desks is looking super lonely at the moment (re: it’s completely blank) so that is an up-and-coming project.  We’ll also be painting Dan’s desk at some point to brighten up the room a little more.  Overall, a new bookshelf and a new desk, coupled with some art on the walls, has done this room a world of good already.

  • ·         Get second desk against the wall
  • ·         Get rid of bookshelf
  • Create his and hers desk wall gallery/shelving unit
  • Upgrade to a new bookshelf/storage space for Legos and toys
  • Paint black desk white to brighten up the room
  • New desk lamp
  • New overhead light fixture/lamp
  • Replace carpets

Upstairs Bathroom – 22% Complete

In my Open Letter to the Upstairs Bathroom, I would plead for forgiveness – two years of neglect is a long time for such a small space.  In all seriousness, the Upstairs Bathroom desperately needs some TLC in the form of a complete renovation. Our hard water situation has left some very hard-to-clean grout in the shower and on our tile floor, which would make for an intense Round 2 update.  At the very least, we could use a new light fixture, vanity, and mirror in this space.  Also, does anyone have any suggestions for how to decorate a bathroom that gets Amazon-style steamy every time we take a shower?

  • Paint bathroom walls
  • Upgrade decor: shower curtain, toiletry holders, trash bin, bathroom mat
  • New vanity
  • New medicine cabinet
  • New light fixture
  • Put up art
  • Move towel hanger to centered above toilet
  • Get new towel hanger
  • New tub


Upstairs Hallway/Stairway – 0% Complete

Nothing really to say here, other than we should really budget some painting time for our upstairs hallway and stairway.  Not to mention the new carpeting, which is a LONG way down the road.

  • Paint walls
  • Decorate walls
  • New carpet


Porch – 100% Complete

Can I say that the Porch is my favorite room in the house? I still can’t believe we accomplished everything on our list for the porch this spring/summer.  Dan should get 99% of the credit for this one, and I am so proud.

  • ·         Create bench for the porch
  • ·         Paint bench
  • ·         Hang flowers/plants
  • ·         Create door decoration
  • ·         Mulch front yard
  • ·         Build retaining wall
  • ·         Plant flowers


Backyard – 43% Complete

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever posting any updates about our backyard this summer, but we definitely made some serious upgrades.  Last year, four people could not even eat at our patio table.  The table and bench are from Crate and Barrel, our chiminea is from Home Depot, and the pink ottoman is from Target.  Also – I love our adorable frog log. The frogs are both from Michaels.  I will forever be in a hunt for a bar cart at either Habitat ReStore or Furnishing Solutions.  One of these days…

  • ·         Dig up the rest of the plants
  • ·         Buy new patio furniture
  • ·         Paint old patio furniture and add color with décor
  • Buy bar cart
  • Hang lights
  • ·         Add stone patio walkway
  • Mulch the side yard


Basement – 0% Complete

The basement is a disaster.  Thankfully no one ever has to see it.  Winter project.

  • Clean/organize entire basement
  • Paint walls
  • Replace bulb in light fixtures
  • Fix the broken light switch
  • Get rid of the TV
  • Cover up the TV Wall hole
  • Create built in design and install built ins
  • New washer and dryer
  • Fix downstairs bathroom
  • ·         Get rid of mirror


Do you love lists as much as I do?  Are you seeing stars in your eyes?  Let’s see if I can find one more thing to cross off this list before bedtime… the night is young! :)

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