Henah and Hemnes: Perfect Together

Today I’m excited to share a little “sprucing up” blog post from Henah, a good friend and former student of mine!  Here at the Kohlmann/Klein house, we have been running ourselves ragged between work and traveling for various events, so the DIY-ing has been on a little hiatus.  However, little things here and there are coming together and I’ll be sharing some things next week.  For now, enjoy learning about how Henah got her groove back in redecorating her bedroom!

Hi everyone! I’m Henah, one of Krista’s former students at Rutgers, fellow Changemaker, and DIY-aficionado. After following Krista’s DIY adventures over the past year, I decided that it was time to “upgrade” my room. I was away at college for four years and didn’t change much over high school, so needless to say, my room was not fit for a 23 year old. After doing some thrift shopping with Krista, I had an idea of what I was looking for and how I could make something standard into “my own”.

image (4)

Not quite sure why it’s so blurry! But this is the final product.

The biggest problem with my room was lack of space for clothes because I only had one small closet for everything – it became apparent to me that it was time for a dresser. While I had scoured stores and perused Craigslist, I realized I was better off just purchasing an Ikea dresser and then personalizing it from there. (Mostly because at this point I have little DIY experience, and would end up ruining an used dresser I was attempting to refurbish.) I purchased the Hemnes 8 drawer dresser, and with the help of my family, assembled it over one night (yay for family challenges). Now the fun part: decorating!


I knew I had to break up the dresser space so that I would have room for my new TV (woo), and also space for my toiletries. So I put some odds and ends on one side, my TV in between, and then a little area for the toiletries on the right. I was nervous about how it would look, but I love the outcome! I went with a black, white, and light pink theme, which was pretty easy to be consistent with. I purchased some fake light pink flowers, two white votive candles, and borrowed a silver tray from my mother to complete the look. The rest of the little trinkets are all gifts or purchases I hold close to my heart. For anyone wondering, most of these pieces are gifts, the wine bottles are sentimental from previous events, and the elephants are from Two Buttons, author Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love)’s shop in Frenchtown, New Jersey!

image (3)

Finally, as an added touch, I decided to purchase some dresser knobs. While I would eventually like to replace all of the original knobs, they are pretty expensive, so I bought 4 tiny ones for my 4 smaller drawers up top in a light pink glass. I think they add a little more flair and go with the black, white, and pink theme well.


So, that’s it for now! Eventually I’d like to get a nightstand that goes with this new color scheme, and spray-paint my dark brown bookshelf black – but that’s a beast of a project that will take more time than I currently have! Thanks Krista for letting me share my experience on here, and for the DIY-inspiration!


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