C’mon Ride the Train

My loyal readers know that I am a child of the 80’s. In fact, I wish I were born just a little earlier so I could have enjoyed the 80’s as a teenager and gone on to marry Rob Lowe or Simon LeBon.  However, the title of this blog post is ALL 90’s, particularly representing the Quad City DJs.  Let’s just say I went from trying to make puns about bulletin boards (“all aboard”) to thinking about trains, and eventually thought, “C’mon Ride the Train” is a totally classic song from my childhood.  And there you have it.

But first, back to the board.  Today’s project: how to DIY a fabric bulletin board!

Our office/guest room walls have been looking pretty bare lately.  They’ve been getting better, with our Wire-inspired art and bookshelf, but the wall behind our his-and-hers desk setup is completely bare.  I’ve been itching to start the decorating project for a while now and have been collecting ideas on Pinterest (exhibit A and exhibit B, for example), but haven’t made any progress until I came across this lonely lady in the garage:

Dan originally bought a bulletin board to help him keep track of projects in the garage, but it just sat around collecting dust.  I decided it was time to make my Pinterest dreams come true and freshen things up!  For me, that means one thing: paint.

I took the same acrylic paint that I used to paint my pumpkins last week and got to work on the frame.  I set up a makeshift painting station in the backyard and laid out brown packing paper over our table to make sure that everything was protected.

The board took two coats of paint.  I would say that overall, painting took me less than an hour, including waiting  for the paint to dry.  I decided not to use painters tape on the cork because I was going to be gluing down fabric anyway.  I still tried my best to keep it as neat as possible, freehand style.

Next, it was time for the fabric! I happened to have two different types of fabric lying around, so I chose a mod, 70’s inspired gray and white number.  First, I cut a slightly larger piece than the board and ironed it to get rid of any folded creases.  I measured the inside frame (I needed Dan’s help on this) and cut the fabric to size.

I decided to use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the bulletin board.  The best part about using the spray is that you can easily stretch the fabric across the cork in case you’ve cut things a little short.  I say this from experience. My DIY projects are far from perfect.

Here she is in all her glory!  To sum up, this whole project cost me $0.  However, if you buy a reasonably priced bulletin board from Target and score a good deal on fabric at your local craft store, this is still a pretty inexpensive makeover.  Not only is it art, but it’s practical art!  You can hang up important documents, store cute thank you cards, and just post inspirational notes to yourself (who doesn’t?!). Now, one last thing:

I wanted to DIY this all the way.  So I took some thumbtacks and pressed sparkly stickers onto them.  Super cute, right? Once more, with feeling:

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