Put A Bird On It

It was a weekend full of projects here at the Klein house.  After traveling to Los Angeles for our friends’ wedding last week, we needed to ease back into the routine.  Cross-country travel is exhausting!  Not to mention we’re both working pretty full schedules and teaching Jazzercise (me) and playing soccer (him) during the week.  The DIY projects pile up, and they definitely have been taking a backseat for a while.  We made some progress on a long-awaited gallery wall in our bedroom (let’s just say there were tears of both frustration and joy), but today’s post is all about crafting.

I’ve said it before: it’s the little things in decor that make the biggest impact.  I wasn’t planning on sharing this project, but after some friends saw a snapshot of it on Instagram, they encouraged me that it would be worth posting.  I call it the alterna-wreath.

While I’ve made it clear that I love fall decor, I don’t know if I’ve ever come out and said it: I’m not a fan of wreaths.  There are cute wreaths out there, for sure, but I like to get a little more creative and personal with my front door projects.  This one was too easy!


These are all the basic supplies you’ll need for this project.  I had a chipboard letter from Jo-Ann that I bought a while ago which only cost about $1.99.  Instead of using a hot glue gun, I used craft glue dots, some ribbon, and jute twine cording (all of which I had at home).  This project will be different for everyone depending on the letter you choose, but I still think it can be simple and make a big impact, no matter what.

I started at the very bottom of the K.  I placed a glue dot on the twine on the back of the letter to start the wrapping process.  Then I started wrapping the twine around the letter carefully, making sure that there were no gaps.  As you can see above, for the K in particular, I finished one leg of the letter and had to extend the twine across the middle section.  I had to start over on the bottom of the K and wind it back up to the middle.  Each time I cut the twine and started over on this letter, I used a glue dot or two to adhere the twine.

After wrapping the entire letter in twine, I looked through some of my crafting supplies and found some cute fall leaves that could easily be adhered to the twine. I also found an adorable red bird (put a bird on it, anyone?) and decided that would make a nice addition to the front door as well!


Last, but not least, we stapled some navy ribbon to the back of the K using a staple gun so that it could hang from a hook on the front door.  We also stapled some twine in the center of the K so that it would stay down.  Easy enough for you?

It’s the fall Full Monty: mums, painted pumpkins, and an alterna-wreath. Here’s the extreme close up one last time.  What fall projects have you been taking on this October?


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