2014: The Year of “Do”

It’s been a good year for blogging.  All things considered, I shared 41 of my own blog posts between my original blog and here at Creating Krista, with two more guest posts by my friends Becca Obergefell and Henah Parikh.  When we first kicked off 2014, Dan and I spent the entire Christmas break painting our bedroom with Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue.  While this was long overdue (three years after moving into our house!), it was an eye-opening experience for me and my first foray into the world of DIY.  I started thinking that maybe this was something I could pursue in the long term.  And here we are!

Since then, we’ve hung art all over the house, spray painted like maniacs, restored furniture, rescued desks from the curb, and crafted.  A lot.

In honor of the end of 2014, I thought I would share our three most popular projects and look back on a fun year of crafting, painting, photoshopping, and the occasional mirror removal.  Spoiler alert: 2015’s first project is a phase 1 bathroom makeover that we will be sharing over the coming weeks! Now let’s get to these projects so I can get back to cutting and painting…

New Jersey Gift In a Jar

After perusing Pinterest for hours looking for a use for my $1.79 Michaels jars, I came across this list of 51 gift-in-a-jar ideas from Craftaholics Anonymous.  Finally, inspiration came to me in the form of (what else?) New Jersey.  By putting together salt water taffy and some New Jersey-themed stickers, I came up with the perfect personalized housewarming/birthday gift for a friend who moved back to the Garden State.

The Front Yard Reveal

Vanna White posing aside, the front yard was definitely one of the biggest projects we tackled in 2014.  In fact, before we blogged or documented projects of any kind, Dan and a few of our neighbors cut down a few monstrous shrubs (similar to these arborvitae) in each of our yards using a chainsaw.  After breaking down all of the branches and bagging up the trees, we were left with a pile of dirt until the spring.  Dan built a garden rock wall and planted rose bushes, blueberries, bidens, and a few other shrubs.  Oh yeah, he built a bench too.

Homemade Christmas Card

This project, though simple and small, was a readers’ favorite in 2014, and my favorite too.  Dan and I embarked on a photography journey to Kitchell Park in Morristown where we posed and snapped our first-ever Christmas card photo.  With Dan’s photoshopping skills and my budget savvy love for Vistaprint, we put together one of the cutest creations of 2014.

I can’t believe that we are knocking on the door of 2015 already, but I am excited for the year to come and for the big things that are in store for us.  Are there any new projects percolating in your homes this year?

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