Looking Up

As an always reflective child, teenager, and now young adult, I’ve been pretty consistent in addressing each new year with a laundry list of resolutions.  I’ve always been an optimist and spent a LOT of journal writing time thinking about ways I could live my life better, look better, and feel better about myself.  Hope has kept me going for a long time.

Last year, I decided it was time to stop hoping and start doing.  For the past two years, I’ve chosen a one word resolution (learn more about the #OneWord365 movement here) to carry me through the year instead of making dozens of promises to myself (read more books, drink less diet soda, exercise five times a week…).  My One Word for 2014 was do.  As you already know from reading this blog, I truly embraced “do”.  There were some struggles along the way: I tried to do too much.  I tried to do things that felt inauthentic.  Overall, I created two blogs and wrote on an almost weekly basis.  I read 26 books in the year 2014, after spending the last six months of 2013 without reading a single one!  Best of all, I learned how to do less by spending more time at home and enjoying the quiet.  I didn’t let my resolutions define me or stop me.  And it was great.

January 4 Blog-1

This year, I feel differently about the One Word Resolution movement.  I am happy with my progress on so many fronts from last year, and I’m proud of myself.  I am basking in a pretty warm afterglow.  However, I would love to really take things to the next level and be more intentional about the goals I’m setting for myself.  It’s time to see where all of this “do”-ing will take me this year.  So, my One Word 2015 resolution is simple: up.  I want to look up, move up, do it up (haha), and just create an energy around myself that anything is possible.  I even created a #OneWord2015 Pinterest board to represent the thoughts behind “up”, so feel free to check that out for inspiration.

I’ve been looking down long enough.  It’s time to see the possibilities and make them a reality.  What is your One Word Resolution?  Share it here and look “up” with me this year.  Things are already brewing and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.



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