Bathroom Decor Ideas for Under $10

As Dan and I come to the end of this Phase 1 bathroom renovation, we have finally arrived at my favorite part of any re-envisioned space: decorating!  It’s been fun sticking to a budget and more or less keeping to items that we had in the house to decorate this bathroom so far.  I also spent a good amount of time perusing Pinterest and a few of my favorite stores (Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc.) to get some inspiration, even for just the smallest idea.

I came across this arrow-patterned fabric from Spoonflower and decided it was a pattern that I just had to re-create with paint! In fact, I  had a painting party with my friend Suzanne and did this project in just a couple of hours.  I took a clear vase that Dan and I got as a free gift from Crate & Barrel when we opened our wedding registry, and mixed some black and blue craft paint to make it navy.  Just a special note: I did not use glass paint for this project, since I don’t anticipate getting this wet or putting real flowers and water in it.

First, I painted vertical lines across one side of the vase.  The fabric had three arrows in a row across each line, so I mimicked the pattern and just did it all freehand (I didn’t feel like it was necessary to be too precise).  I waited for the first coat to try and added a second coat just to be safe.  Then I flipped the vase over and painted the pattern again on the other side.  When I brought it into the bathroom, I filled it with some fake grass and purple flowers from Ikea, and placed it on the sink.

Going with the theme of utilizing what I had around the house, I decided to paint a blue wine bottle that I bought at a garage sale for $1.  This project could easily be done with an actual wine bottle that you just finished as well, but you’d have to paint it first.

I used Martha Stewart’s opaque white glass paint for this project.  I didn’t need to use glass paint for this, but I liked that the tip of the paint was small and fine, so I could create smaller polka dots.  For this pattern, I created a look of bubbles: a lot of polka dots on the top and gradually spreading them out all across the bottle.  This is just another pattern that I picked up and wanted to reuse (from Kristi Murphy).  I took a couple of fake flowers that I used for a wreath a while back and put the finished vase on top of the toilet.  This project took less than 15 minutes, including prep and set up for painting!

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of using books as art, which is so fun because  I am a true book lover (and perhaps a hoarder).  My bookshelves are definitely filled with books rather than cute accessories – and I’m okay with that.  I decided to get a little creative with this renovation and went with Dan to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Given the blue and green accents, I decided to look for old hardcover books that fit this color scheme.  Each of these was just $1!  I actually had this mini-chalkboard leftover from my wedding (I put it with the guest baskets in the bathroom).

Here is the toilet decor all together (well, that just sounds weird) for a grand total of $3.

Lastly, I just wanted to showcase some adorable art that we decided to hang on the walls.  As you might remember, Dan recently picked up photography as a hobby and has been itching to showcase some of his work around the house.  Going along with the Help Ink print that will be hanging on our walls, we decided to keep up the animal theme.  While we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, he took a picture of this Hawaiian monk seal passed out on the beach in Oahu.  He is adorable (I mean the seal, but Dan is adorable too).

I loved the seal photo, but I felt like it needed to be complemented with something a little more whimsical to go along with the fun and light touches throughout the bathroom.  On my snow day last week, I decided to print out an inside joke from Arrested Development that we brought up constantly on our seal-watching excursion: watch out for that loose seal.  I printed the quote in Lobster Two font (downloaded from Font Squirrel), traced it onto a sheet of white paper, and then very carefully cut out the letters.  I primarily used scissors but I also had to bust out the X-acto knife to make some cleaner cuts.  To be honest, this mini project did not come out quite as neatly as I wanted to, so I’ll probably be replacing it in the near future – though I will be using that same quote!

To recap, here’s the cost breakdown of our bathroom decor:

Arrow printed vase: $3 (Crate & Barrel vase was a free gift, fake Ikea flowers, and we already had the craft paint in the house)
Dotted wine bottle: $6 ($1 garage sale find), fake flowers from Michaels (around $4.99 for a big bunch when I bought them) and craft paint that we already had
Books: $2 from Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Seal photograph: $7 total; $2.99 for a print from Walgreens and $3.99 for an 8×10 Room Essentials frame from Target
Loose seal craft: $2.99 for the 5×7 Room Essentials frame from Target
That brings our current decor total to $21 (with a few more expenses to come). But first, let’s revel in my budget-savviness.

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