Bedroom in Blue: Mood Board Inspiration

It was a busy weekend here for the Klein family.  We’re thisclose to beginning our kitchen renovation, and we’re finally able to get our hands dirty outdoors with some gardening!  However, before we can show off any of those changes, we got started on a really fun and creative artwork project for the bedroom.  That got me thinking: it’s time for a mood board!

I’m a girl who really prides herself on creating the ultimate comfortable and relaxed sanctuary: her bedroom.  To be fair, I share this bedroom with my other half, so I can’t make all of the decorating and DIY decisions on my own.  Dan and I are partners in the process.  Speaking of decorating partnerships, you may remember way back when we painted our bedroom in Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue about a year and a half ago (my first project, how cute!).  We’ve come a long way since then, but I’m pretty proud of our joint decision making process thus far.  I started thinking about why my bedroom is my sanctuary, and being someone who feels very strongly about feeling zen and basking in a peaceful sleeping environment, I jumped at the chance to share some of my decorating ideas.  These are a few of my favorite (bedroom) things…

1) The color scheme: I first discovered Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue on Bower Power, one of my favorite DIY blogs.  I just about drooled all over my laptop when I saw Katie’s office reveal, and I knew that I had to find the perfect opportunity to utilize such a gorgeous color.  Because of its calming powers and its (relatively) gender neutral tone, we decided to paint it all over the bedroom walls.

2) The outfit assistant:  About a year ago, I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard that Young House Love bloggers John and Sherry Petersik would be creating a line of decor items at Target.  I immediately jumped online and bought this key-shaped hook for $11.69 (their line is unfortunately out of stock now).  I didn’t have any actual use for it at the time, but I’m so happy that I bit the bullet on this purchase because it serves as Dan’s outfit assistant every morning.  He hangs his pants and dress shirts on the hook, and it’s mounted just high enough that the cats can’t get to it.  It’s the perfect touch.

3) I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll add baskets to any mood board, and why not?  I love these two baskets for $32 (similar to the laundry hampers we already have) from Pottery Barn Kids.  They add some style and serve as a functional hamper.

4) Sweet dreams: I recently stumbled across Parachute Home, a socially responsible bedding company. (which, of course, I love) that partners with the nonprofit Nothing But Nets.  For every Venice bedding set sold, Parachute is donating a life-saving bed net to protect children in sub-Saharan Africa from mosquitoes carrying malaria.  I love a good giving story, so I looked at some of their other products, and found this linen decorative pillow in Agate from Parachute for $139.  Given that we’re currently in major money-saving mode for our kitchen renovation, I’ll be putting this pillow on the backburner, but I love how it complements our space and provides some much needed texture and pattern into any bedroom.  Neutrals like this work well in any color scheme!

5) This gorgeous comforter from Target accents our Palladian Blue walls so well.  While we already have a similarly coral-and-teal comforter in our bedroom, I know this one would work just as well, and I think the geometric pattern really sets it apart.  It runs about $71.99 for a Queen size comforter.

6) The personal touches:  This fall, Dan and I went all in on a DIY decorating project to hang up some of our favorite Instagram photos.  We bought eight 12×12 Ribba frames from Ikea and ordered a few prints from Picplum, creating a grid above our bed that makes me smile every night when I look up at it.  I framed and mounted pictures of my adorable kittens, my beautiful niece, some favorite vacation spots, and just a few fun memories.

7) My nighttime reading support: Instead of leaning up against a wall or our current uncomfortable bed frame, I would love to have an upholstered headboard, and I can’t get enough of this nailhead pattern from Joss & Main for $130.95.  Apparently a lot of you agree: it’s currently sold out!  Maybe one day I’ll DIY a headboard instead!  Speaking of projects, that brings us to #8…

8) A future DIY project: Back in the fall, Dan and I bought a window-paned mirror at a garage sale for just $10.  I just freshened it up with a coat of white spray paint and will be hanging it on our bedroom wall.  To go with the mirror, we bought these adorable ceramic flowers at Target for $19.99 each (in various colors).  I can’t wait to put it all together.

Last but not least (and not on the Mood Board), is sunlight!  The one thing that you truly can’t change or DIY in your bedroom (at least in a townhouse!) is the placement of the window and the amount of natural light that comes in.  I must say, having a huge, three-paned window facing mostly south is the absolute BEST thing abut our bedroom.  I feel like a kitten curled up in the warmest spot in the house on winter days, and in the summer days, I can crack open the windows and feel the breeze.  There’s nothing that I love more than waking up to the sun on my face (except maybe a cat sniffing my face).  Ahh, sun.  Can you tell I am dying for summer to hurry and up and get here?

Well, there you have it.  A few of my favorite bedroom things! Next week’s blog post will get a little more hands on as I break out my brand new industrial paint sprayer.  There’s finally enough sun out there to get outside and do more projects!  What have you been up to now that the weather is getting warmer? I’d love to hear from you!


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