Krafty Krista: Front Porch Decorating For Under $10

Between injuries and kitchen renovation projects, Dan and I have not had a lot of time to accomplish any major updates in the rest of our house.  So the bedroom remains unfinished, the floating shelves remain unpainted, and an adorable chair that I picked up off the street remains dusty and sad in the garage.

In this DIY purgatory, I decided to undertake an easy, simple crafting project to pass the time, make me feel productive, and freshen up our front porch.  I also had to find a project that could easily be done while sitting on my bedroom floor, since I had no other place to set up my crafting materials.  Let’s just say I had a few visits from cats and carefully monitored my hot glue gun on the floor next to me while working on this “Krafty Krista” front door decoration.

I woke up one Sunday and decided it was time to get my craft on and make a pilgrimage to Michaels. Thankfully, Dan obliged, and we headed out in search of something that would satisfy my (and the cats’)  craft cravings.  Exhibit A: Wallace loves my new fabric.

As soon as we walked in to the store, I saw burlap everywhere. I haven’t quite bought into the burlap craze, and I didn’t even use any at my wedding (shocking, I know) but it got me thinking about our front porch. I’ve always used twine or something rustic in nature to decorate our door, which complements the bright and modern colors we have on everything else out there. Plus, it could be a craft that could last me well into the fall and even the pre-Christmas winter.

I strolled past the clearance aisle (as one does on every trip to Michaels), and snagged some of my favorite things: canvas letters. Using letters and monograms is a craze I can totally get behind. I found a K, D, and an ampersand (that’s this guy: &) for 99 cents each and tossed them into my basket. Then I got to thinking, maybe I could frame these letters and hang the frame on the front door.  It took two coats of spray paint, but I ultimately felt like using Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Poppy Red was the perfect choice to get these letters to stand out.

For the frame part of the project, I snatched a white frame off the shelves at Target for just $3.99, until I thought a little bit harder about my personal frame collection.  I’ve become a bit of a frame hoarder lately and snatch them up regularly, so I thought I might be able to use one I already had at home.   Here’s the frame in his previous life, displaying the seating chart at our nautical-inspired wedding:

I kept thinking about fabric to line the frame with, but my mind drifted back to the burlap. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a discounted ream of printed burlap fabric for just $3.99. The pattern is an alphabet in a typewriter style, with little circles all around. Just enough interest but not so much that it distracts from the canvas letters, especially since I decided to paint them in a bold color.

When I got home, I settled down on my bedroom floor and got to work. My total supplies were the frame (which you could get easily at a craft store or Target for less than $5), canvas letters, spray paint, fabric, scissors, and hot glue.

Easy enough, right? Except that doing craft projects on the floor sometimes involves unwanted feline helpers…

I took out my fabric and measured it to fit the back of the frame, cutting it to size.  Burlap is a little messy, so be prepared to pick small shreds of fabric out of your carpeted bedroom floor (probably not the best choice for a craft station).

I hot glued the fabric to the frame back first, and then glued the letters onto the center of the fabric.  I debated whether to use hot glue, since I was afraid of the possibility of it melting in the summer heat, but after reading a few crafty blog posts, I decided it would most likely be fine.  We’ll see how it holds up!

Everything fit relatively well, and the colors really popped, which I liked.  My only concern was the frame itself, and how it would hold up on the door in all seasons. Since we’ve previously had door decorations that slam against the front door in windy weather, I decided to cut some cork to glue on the corners of the frame to soften the banging blows.

This was a good idea in theory, but I don’t think it’s actually quieted down the noise of the frame hitting the door. Thankfully it’s summer and our weather has been mild! Anyone have any suggestions for how to prevent this in the future?

Noise aside, at the end of the day, I’d call this a very successful craft project: It cost under $10, took less than a half hour of time, and could be completed right on the bedroom floor.  The takeaways? It’s always best to be mindful of supplies that you already have at home before going out and buying more.  Also, start thinking about the colors you already have in a space (like our brightly colored bench and pillows) before buying your materials.  It can make the difference between complementing and clashing.

Personalized pop of color achieved.  What have you all been crafting this weekend?


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