Holiday Spirit Mini Blog #1: DIY Garland

After a great Thanksgiving weekend, I can say this: the holiday season is officially upon us! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, primarily because there is nothing I love more than relaxing with family and eating mashed potatoes. The more time I get to spend with my family, the better (and the eating doesn’t hurt either).  In that spirit, I’ve decided to put some bigger projects at home on hold and host a mini blog series on different holiday crafts and traditions that we enjoy in the Creating Krista household.  These projects aren’t meant to add more stress to the holiday season, rather, they’re my way of celebrating and decorating in a very laid-back way.  No judgments, all crafting. :)

Today’s post is about making homemade Christmas garland. I was inspired to start decorating when I dug out a collection of random Christmas-themed items in my crafting closet.

I had previously saved a few coasters from our fall trip to Ommegang brewery that looked like a sunburst/snowflake combination shape.

I also grabbed a few wooden shapes from Michaels on clearance for about 50 cents each to complement the shape of the coasters.  I loved the sled, polar bear, and reindeer shapes – they’re simple, fun, and they bring in more of a winter theme to our decorating plans.

Lastly, I found these snowflake ornaments that I bought last Christmas at Target for $1.50 each.
At first, I wanted to spray paint the coasters (let’s be real, spray painting is one of my favorite activities), but Dan asked me to hold back, thinking we may want to use them in the future. Instead, I decided to use my stash of card stock paper and traced the shape of the coasters into garland.  Easy, right?  I traced and cut everything while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and sitting on the couch at my parents’ house.  I used both white card stock paper and some blue and white scrapbook paper to trace these shapes. I wanted to keep things holiday themed without being too Christmas-y.  Of course, I can never do a craft project without using Sharpies, so I drew a fun polka dotted pattern and an arrow-shaped design on a few of the pieces.

While sifting through my never-ending supply of craft paper, I remembered that I recently stocked up on some adorable blank notecards from the $1 section at Target.  They’re navy, mint, and gold – perfect for holiday-themed decorating –  so I cut them into polar bear shapes.

Dan even got into the crafting spirit and drew a complementary pattern on the plain white coasters.

After feeling pretty satisfied with the number of shapes, I laid everything out and determined that I would do a couple of strands of garland with various shaped patterns.

I used a small hole punch and a roll of twine (also from the $1 section at Target, though the twine was actually $3) and slid each piece of garland onto the twine.

We then hung up the garland above the stairs by loosely tying the twine to a small 3M hook.  I put a hook in each corner of the stairwell and one across the hallway.  I then slid each piece to be about the same distance apart.  This was such a simple project, but it really was fun and relaxing – plus it made me feel like I was decorating without having to do too much around the house.

Now let’s hope the cats don’t get to this garland until after December 26.

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