Bathroom Mood Board, Nautical Style

Happy snowmaggedon, blog lovers!  It’s finally stopped coming down here in New Jersey.  I’m hoping that everyone is safe, happy, healthy, and warm while we settle in to deal with the after effects of this massive snowfall!  I know Dan and I have been getting cozy watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, and of course getting our hands dirty with some crafting projects.

However, today is not the day to tease about crafts.  It’s a day to introduce our newest project: our basement bathroom makeover!  That’s right, we have a basement bathroom, and it’s in need of a complete refresh.  Dan and I are lucky enough to have a finished basement, but we definitely don’t use it enough (except for storing the contents of our kitchen cabinets during a renovation).  There’s also a guest bathroom down there, which has seen its fair share of water damage and general neglect.  I’ll have some before pictures for you next week, but for now, think about cracked and caving in tile, dingy dark blue paint, and outdated fixtures.  It’s time for this bathroom to get a makeover, and we’ll be stepping up our tile game for the first time!  Woot!

Before we embark on that adventure, I thought I’d put together a little bathroom mood board to get my brain thinking about colors, fixtures, art, tile, and all of the fun stuff that comes before renovating.  For the bathroom, I’m going with something a little different from my usual, colorful self (Exhibit A – Kitchen; Exhibit B – Guest Bathroom; Exhibit C – Bedroom) and looking at a simple, neutral palette.  I think this will complement our fairly simple basement color scheme as well.   Here are all of the items I’m looking at for this bathroom update.

1) Color Scheme:  I found this color palette from Design Seeds.  It’s called Color Hooked, and it features some light blues and grays transitioning into some darker shades.  To me, it seems like a stormy day at the beach.

2) Tile ($1.99/square foot): Our tile choice was inspired by the beachy feeling from the color scheme.  To me, this tile reminds me of old boardwalk planks.  I love the gray and brown undertones.  It’s called Montagna Dapple Gray and it’s from the Marazzi line at Home Depot. We haven’t made the official decision on this tile yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be gracing our blog presence soon enough.

3) Whale Print ($14.51): This whale print ties right into the beach theme I mentioned earlier, but I also find it to be pretty soothing and perfect for a bathroom.  I just love these nautical prints from The Print Annex on Etsy.

4) Mirror ($207.45): After perusing quite a few online home decor retailers, I fell in love with this white frame mirror from Wayfair.  It’s a bit pricey, but I think it will stand out nicely against a gray or darker colored wall.  I’m looking to have coordinated fixtures, so this might end up being chrome or nickel as opposed to white.  I am definitely looking for a funky framed mirror, so perhaps a thrift store trip may be in my future!

5) Rug ($129): This rug from Froy has a great pattern.  I love the color variation and the shapes – it will add something to our otherwise neutral space.  Plus, it reminds me of seashells – and it’s very soothing.

6) Anchor Hook ($6.99): For $7, this towel hook from Amazon is a ridiculously good deal.  I actually have a white anchor hook from World Market in my posession, so I’ll most likely go with that for the bathroom.  However, I love how this is a more obviously nautical touch in a relatively neutral bathroom.

7) Wall sconce ($121.05): I’d love to add a two light sconce like this one from Home Depot to this bathroom to add some class and simplicity to the space. I’m leaning towards a more polished look like this chrome wall sconce, but I’m open to other options, depending on what we find.  Shiny and sparkly often wins in my book.

I present to you… the future plans for the basement guest bathroom.  We’ll be trying out some paint samples today as we are still mostly house bound post-snowstorm, and we’ll follow up with more updates next week. I’m excited to get this renovation show on the road!

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