The Forgotten Bathroom: Before

In my last post, I shared the exciting news that Dan and I will be embarking on yet another winter bathroom makeover.  This seems to be a trend: last winter, we completed a mini-makeover of our main floor bathroom which cost us less than $400.  We painted, replaced hardware, updated the light fixtures and mirror, and redecorated in a brand new color scheme.  The bathroom makeover is one of my favorite projects to date, so I was pretty pumped when Dan suggested that we take our basement bathroom from drab to fab.

Currently, our basement is wasted space.

It doesn’t quite look this bad anymore, but it’s essentially a storage space for our Christmas decorations and long lost hobbies.  While this photo was taken during our kitchen renovation, a number of these items are still taking up space in the basement.  Bamboo sticks, Christmas lights, a guitar, old shelves, and of course, a sofa that would essentially collapse if it wasn’t pressed up against the wall.  Dan and I are in the process of deciding whether or not we want to completely make over the entire basement, but we’re starting with the bathroom in just a few weeks.  You can actually see the door (and handicap access bar) to the bathroom in this picture.

In the hopes of making our basement more usable, either as a makeshift bedroom for guests or an entertaining space, we’re starting with this space: I present to you the basement bathroom.

First, you’ll notice that there is a major problem with our bathroom flooring. Since the bathroom doesn’t get much use, a toilet leak that built up for days without us realizing the damage being done. The toilet is built up on a wooden platform under this tile, which is now rotting. You can clearly see the cracks in the tile as well, and it sinks with just a little bit of applied pressure. Dan will be rebuilding the platform and we’ll start our first tiling project once the toilet is set up again.

This bathroom is already in the basement, but the navy blue paint makes it feel dark and dingy. I’m hoping to lighten it up. We’ve narrowed our future color choices down to four Benjamin Moore old favorites: Calm, Wickham Gray, Elephant Gray, and Palladian Blue. More on that process (and tile selection!) in a future blog post.

This old school mirror needs a bit of an update. I immediately started looking for a showstopper with a nice, big, decorative frame. I think a new mirror can add some fun to the room without being too overwhelming, since there is a lot of empty wall space.  Lucky for me, I came across this beauty at World Market for just $42 (it’s $49.99 online):

It’s so beautiful, even Wallace can’t stay away.  The ornate detailing of this mirror does not exactly scream “nautical bathroom” to me, so I may have to make adjustments to my original mood board.  However, I couldn’t pass up its price or its beauty.  I’m excited to see it taking up residence in the bathroom!

Lastly, we’ll be upgrading the light fixture. The current one is not too bad, especially the nice brushed nickel finish, but I want to give the room some charm – a unique light fixture is a great way to do that.  It may just be a matter of changing the tulip-shaped lights and keeping the fixture as is.

Dan and I have been toying with potential tile and wall color schemes, so I’ll have some more information on that in the coming weeks.  Until then, I’ll be over here, caressing my beautiful new mirror.


2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Bathroom: Before

  1. Have you thought about keeping the tulip lights and going with some super bright, fun, mandala or flower themed artwork? It would play off the gorgeous mirror! Good buy with that one!

    • Jessa, I love the idea of moving toward a mandala or floral theme based on the mirror! I’m going to have to see how the light fixture looks with the mirror of course, but it might be the perfect fit. Thanks for the idea!

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