Lightening Up

Today, I’m making things a little lighter.

In a nod to my #oneword2016, “light”, I am taking some of the pressure off of my shoulders this month.  Dan and I have been busy enjoying time with friends and family, going to breweries, traveling into the city, and we’ll continue to make more time for each other.  I’m making more time for myself too: reading more, practicing mindfulness, teaching a class, and caring for myself.  Doing some of these things has helped me to really prioritize what’s important to me, which I’ve been thinking about a lot since the summer.

With that being said, Creating Krista is going to go on a short hiatus until March.  Winter is a tough time to accomplish projects, and we’d rather be taking things slow with our upcoming projects than forcing posts. I’ll be looking for inspiration in lots of places and eagerly awaiting spring’s return!  You can follow along with the little things and project updates on Instagram @creatingkrista.  See you in March!

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