Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I am so grateful to all those who have made great sacrifices so we can live freely.  It’s a time to be thoughtful and reflective, as well as to enjoy the company of those around us, so I hope everyone had that opportunity this weekend.

Let’s flash back to last Sunday when Dan and I ventured on a journey to the SoWa Open Market while visiting friends in Boston (hi Suzy and Dave!).  SoWa is a three-block open market featuring food trucks, flea market vendors, and vintage/antique shopping in Boston’s South End.  It looks a little like this:

Filled with dozens of white tents and countless cries of “oh my God, that is so cute!”, SoWa is the perfect place to find unique gifts, fun home decor items, art, furniture, and so much more.  I had a field day running through all of the vendors and picking out my favorites.

Our first stop ended up being my biggest purchase of the day, SepiaLepus Illustrations.  I’m always on the hunt for fun and funky prints, and SepiaLepus did not disappoint.  For some reason, she also has a thing for small mammals, and of course I had to go and buy three 8×10 prints for $45.  Here’s one of them, which she calls the Saga Viking Ship Sea Dragon.  It’s a viking ship full of bunnies, with whimsical art reminiscent of Richard Scarry books.  Really, how could I pass this up?

Continuing in the animal vein was her Blue Acorn Squirrel Forest print.  I’ve been looking for some bold art in orange and yellow for a while, and this seemed like the perfect print.  So much of her work seemed suited for a nursery or kid’s room as well.

She also had some really adorable neighborhood and state maps (check out this one of Boston!) so I snagged one as a gift for a friend.

Next, Suzy and I moved on to Abby Berkson Ceramics.  The amount of cuteness was off. the. charts.  I pretty much coveted all of her adorable plates, bowls, and mugs.  If only I had the cabinet space to store them.  Thankfully, Abby was kind enough to let me snap some shots of her crafts – all microwave and dishwasher safe!

Foxes, hedgehogs, cats, whales, owls… excuse me while I go visit her Etsy shop and stock my kitchen with appetizer plates.

And let’s not forget the coffee mugs for all the coffee I don’t drink.  Thankfully Dan was nearby to stop me from bingeing on ceramics.

Last but not least, I withheld from purchasing one of my biggest weaknesses: stationery.  Oh, how I love a cute notecard.  The Brocade Blackbird satisfied all of our paper needs, and Suzy even got a card for an upcoming bridal shower.  I can’t say enough good things about the simple but classic designs showcased, so I’ll let the photo speak for itself. All pinwheels and party flags, yes please!


In addition to the great vendors, the festival had an array of food trucks, from ice cream sandwiches to hot dogs and pickles.  I was in heaven.  An honorable mention for the day goes to the vintage flea market, which boasted a ton of adorable antiques including these industrial stools that I swooned over.


I snatched up a few vintage bird postcard prints in the antiques section, but we’ll save that project for another day.  Also, please feel free to clue me in on any local markets in the New York tri-state area!  Strolling through the “live Etsy show” (as my husband so eloquently put it) is one of my favorite summer activities.

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