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It’s been a while, and I recognize that I broke my “two blog posts a week” rule.  It’s all for good reason, however, as Dan and I spent the entire week doing projects around here and hosting my 28th birthday party!  There’s lots to share with you and I’ll start with one of my favorite projects: a decorative coat rack.

First things first, I have a soft spot for knobs. I get excited and squeal over all of their adorable shapes, sizes, and colors.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy some cute knobs and really had no potential project for them until I came across this in Hobby Lobby:

Now, I realize these are not all knobs.  However, the bright colors and whimsical look of this board really got my attention, right at the same moment when I was hovering over the knob section in search of the perfect project.  I thought about all of the wood that we have in the garage for various projects and realized that I could make a coat rack with a few fun knobs.  Fifteen minutes later, I purchased these bad boys for about $20:

First, we chose a piece of wood with an antique feel, since several of these knobs are designed in a vintage style.  Next, we measured the board so that each knob would be a good distance apart. We took a screw and pressed it into the board, making a divet for each spot.

The most fun part of this project was drilling the holes for the knobs. I got my drill on, and of course Dan informed me later that I was holding the drill wrong.  I’m a work in progress.

After everything was drilled, we took the knobs out because I planned to spray paint the board white for a cleaner finish.  However, Dan realized that the screws for each knob stuck out pretty significantly, so it would be impossible for the coat rack to hang flush up against the wall.

My first lesson in DIY is that while every project starts with the best intentions, it doesn’t always work out the way you planned.  We dedicated an hour or so one evening to this particular piece of wood, fitting the knobs, drilling, and then spray painting.  However, after spray painting the board white, we both realized that it just wasn’t going to work, neither in appearance or in function.

On to Plan B.  We chose a new piece of wood (one that looked vintage and antique-y all on its own) and decided not to paint it this time.  For his part of the project, Dan chiseled out grooves to recess the keyhole hangers and separate grooves for the washers and the nuts, and then he sawed down the screws to be flush against the wood.  Doesn’t it look all kinds of beautiful?

Plan B ended up working out pretty well for both of us, and I really love the vibe that the unpainted wood gives off in our foyer area.  I have to continuously remind myself that not everything has to be white all the time.

Now I just need to find some coats to hang on this rack…



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