Give Me All the Bacon and Eggs You Have

It’s Sunday, which means a day full of projects, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping… you know what I mean.  It’s easy to get frustrated and fed up if something doesn’t go your way, so for any of my DIYers-in-training out there, take it easy and take a break.  No need to put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, though I’m guilty of it too.  I’m pretty sure that I am one half of a Klein-flavored perfectionist sandwich.

Today’s blog post features one of my favorite things: a finished foyer!  The entryway of any home is the window to the soul, er, at least it’s the window to the personalities of the homeowners.  Let’s just say that Dan and I weren’t doing too well on the foyer front just a few weeks ago.

Disregarding the blurry image and kitten photobomb, you’ll notice that our foyer was looking pretty bleak.  The sole piece of artwork is my pride and joy, an Etsy print of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.  I love the cartoonish look of Ron in this print from April Black Designs, and I love the quote even more: “I’m a simple man, I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.”  Being a Ron Swanson enthusiast (it’s in my Twitter bio), I felt like this print represented Dan and I perfectly and just had to put it on display in the foyer.  Knowing that Ron was the focal point of this space, I worked backwards from there.  I found this color scheme on Pinterest and set to work choosing a light gray paint color for the accent wall.

After perusing nearly every design blog ever, I came up with three top choices from Benjamin Moore: Calm, Misty Gray, and Wickham Gray.  I really liked Wickham Gray (second from the left) but was apprehensive about how dark it appeared on the wall, when I wanted the foyer to look brighter and more airy.  I actually went back to basics and took Calm (my favorite of the three, on the right) one step further.  Enter Classic Gray, the color on the left.

We were satisfied with our choice, though I still question how visible the color really is.  Below you’ll see that it’s quite different from white, but the lighting in the foyer is not great – we’ll need a new light fixture at some point.  Before we started to actually decorate the walls, we repainted the opposite wall white and the stairway white as well.

Next, we arrived at the layout stage.  For our wedding, we received two square mirrors from Crate & Barrel as a gift and of course never hung them up. I’ve been waiting for the chance to hang the mirror in the foyer, so this was my perfect opportunity!  I cleaned up the mirrors and scoured our art collection to fit the aforementioned color scheme.  The green frame is actually a vintage cat door knocker that I scored at an antique store in Warwick, New York – I love it.  The postcards are from Monkeypod Kitchen in Ko Olina, on Oahu in Hawaii. The bird print ties it all together and is from Ikea.

 I of course measured out the art and laid it out on the wall to get an idea of how the art would work together, moving some items around.  The postcards worked out really well on the left, and we decided to go with all white frames for this arrangement, except for the vintage door knocker.

Here’s your best vantage point: all artwork hung up and adorned with our revamped foyer table!  We also put up a message board/coupon holder on the left that we found on clearance at Target a while back.  I can’t believe that we went from a completely blank wall to something so colorful and fun – it still surprises me every day when I walk downstairs.  And to top it all off, across from the gallery wall, we mounted a place to hang our keys.

I’d call this makeover all around adorable, and it boasts lots of color to boot.  I have to give a special shoutout to Henah and Stephanie, two of my former students who gifted these beach chairs to us.  Dan found another weathered piece of wood to mount them. We’ll see if we can come up with any more foyer freshness this summer.


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