Mother of Desks, Part 1

In today’s post, I rescue all those who are abandoned and lost.  To clarify: I rescue desks that are abandoned and lost.  Specifically really cute, vintage sewing machine desks from the ’70s.

Dan and I were riding our bikes around the neighborhood one evening when I came across this beauty on the curb.  I had been searching for my own desk for months and trying to avoid spending money, so I hopped off my bike to assess the situation.  The owner came outside and told me vehemently to “take it, take it!”.  After a few minutes of deliberating some transportation issues, the owner offered his pickup truck services, and I was sold (pun intended. This desk was totally free).

The next day, I dusted and cleaned the desk to discover that it was not just a desk, but a sewing machine table!  The sewing machine was tucked inside and needed a lot of TLC so I did my best to first dust and then wipe down all the nooks and crannies of this desk.  In the drawers were instruction manuals and the basic sewing supplies. I’m not a seamstress (nor am I even a novice sew-er) but maybe one day I’ll get inspired.

First order of business was making good use of the desk, since it was already in pretty good shape.  I searched through the house for some good old mason jars, and chose three different crafting items, chalkboard tags, Scrabble letter tiles, and decorative clothespins, to fill the jars and place them neatly on the desk.

And what about a place to store spare notecards, you ask? Well, I have been looking for a use for this glass cloche (from Furnishing Solutions) for about six months – and the desk was the perfect place to put it on display.

All together now, ooh…. ahh.  Adding some personal photos (from our honeymoon!), fun and eye-catching jars, and a simple framed piece of chevron cardstock really make this desk look even more fun.  The jar in the back is holding lots of pens and scissors right now, and it’s from Bob’s Discount Furniture.

I decided it didn’t need any sanding or painting just yet – but I am curious to crowdsource your opinons – anyone think this desk needs a makeover?  Stay tuned for part two when I work my Khaleesi magic on the desk drawers!

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