Light Up the Night

In this second post in my holiday spirit series, I wanted to focus on something merry and bright.  Of course, now that “White Christmas” is playing in your head, we can talk about Christmas lights.  For me, there is something completely magical about driving or walking around late at night and seeing houses lit up in pretty colors and shapes.  My family had a tradition for years where we drove to look at particularly impressive Christmas displays, so naturally, I couldn’t wait to have a home of my own to decorate for the holidays.  It wasn’t until last year that Dan and I really got ourselves worked up to decorate the porch.  Here’s what happened.

Meh.  Things were looking a little bleak at the Klein house.  Before I go on with our progress this year, let’s talk about the major sticking point that Dan and I face every year when decorating.  First, for some unknown reason, our house is the only one in our complex that does not have an outdoor outlet.  This means that all Christmas lights are fed through one or two extension cords which have to reach all the way into the back of the garage.  To hang multiple strings of lights, we have to be super careful of using multi-outlet converters.  This year, I devised two small solutions to this problem.

Last year’s clearance Christmas run to Target (on December 26, of course) resulted in two adorable red outdoor lanterns.  For $11, we bought two to frame the edges of our front porch.  When I was rummaging through Christmas decor earlier this month, I discovered a box of flameless candles that we never used.  I popped in some AA batteries and set the timer for four hours.  Every night from 6 to 10 p.m., these babies give off quite the holiday glow, without the need to be plugged in!  Next, the second highlight of our outdoor decor will show you what $16.99 can get you (again, at Target).

When I saw these rustic, 12-inch, light up brushed bronze letters, I knew I had to have them (please ignore the fact that we need to replace that bulb).  In fact, Target has other signs including hope, love, a heart, and a star available for your outdoor lighting pleasure.  I had this exact bench display in mind when we bought them.  I simply attached the top and bottom of each letter to the bench with some twine and double knotted it, in case we experience any strong wind gusts.

Add into the mix one of my all-time favorite Christmas decorations: the Moravian star.  We bought three of these last year on Amazon and actually string them along the roof of the porch.  The three wires connect into one multi-outlet converter.  I love the amount of light that they produce (we don’t even need to put our porch light on!) and they make a big impact in terms of design, at 21 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

We also added a row of snowflake lights around the perimeter of the front door, held in place by tiny Command hooks.  To top things off (and add a little more color), we strung a strand of red lights around our porch post.  We coupled that with a strand of white lights for that candy cane effect – plus it tied in the color of the lanterns pretty nicely!  Here she is at night, all lit up:

I am sure that many of you out there who celebrate with Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday lights have displays worth showing! Share them in the comments and we can all geek out together.


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