Reindeer, Alterna-Wreaths, and Ping Pong Lights

It’s time for round three of Christmas-themed posts here at Creating Krista.  I managed to put down the hot chocolate and press pause on the annual Trading Places viewing (yes, it’s a Christmas movie) to deliver holiday goodness straight to your door.  I’m almost as excited as Ralphie was before his dreams were crushed by the evil Santa at Higbee’s department store.

I’ve got three little projects that really brighten things up around our house.  First, a little bit of mantel magic happened this year.

We usually rotate our mantel decorations depending on the season.  I personally love the white ceramic artichokes from HomeGoods (I had been coveting them for a quite a while and finally coughed up a gift card to get my paws on them) for $16.99 each.  To me, they really represent winter more than Christmas, so I like that they can stick around on the mantel well into March.  I also love bringing out our gold reindeer to put on display each year. Before I talk about that project, I just wanted to share that the beige and white stockings are from Crate & Barrel, on clearance during a holiday sale last January, and the red and green pawprint stockings (for our furry children) are from Petsmart.

Last fall, I found these decopatch reindeer at Jo-Ann for about $4 each.  I actually did a quick Amazon search and found them online for $3.80 if you’re interested in picking them up for your own holiday project.  I spray painted them gold (again, more of a wintry color than a Christmas color) and used them as an outdoor decoration on our porch.

For this project, I used vases that were actually centerpieces from a friend’s wedding, filled them with ornaments, turned them upside down, and glued the reindeer to the top.  While I really loved the unique and colorful touch they added to the porch, when it got dark, they were almost impossible to see.

I brought the reindeer inside and gave them a second life as mantel decor, and they’re holding up quite well.  The gold spray paint on the decopatch texture looks really sparkly and definitely adds a festive touch!

Let’s move back outside the house  last week’s post about Christmas lights.  I loved the lights, but I felt like something was lacking in the front door department.  Enter alterna-wreath #3.

Remember my earlier post about the alterna-wreath?  If not, I’ll refresh your memory: I am not a huge fan of wreaths.  In fact, this Christmas, I decided to forego a wreath altogether.  The cuteness of this Santa alterna-wreath satisfied my holiday spirit without having to vaccum up all those pesky pine needles.  I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and was itching to paint something, so it was the perfect creative outlet to keep me entertained on a Sunday afternoon.  The best part? I had all of the supplies already, so this project cost me $0.

First, enter the wooden K.  I happen to have multiple Ks floating around for various projects, this one being from our engagement photo shoot a few years ago.  I grabbed this wooden letter and dug up red, white, black, and yellow paint from my art supply collection.

First, I painted the front and sides of the letter completely red.  I had to do two coats and waited about 20 minutes in between each coat for drying time.

Next I painted the white on the bottom (again using two coats), added the black belt across the middle of the K, and drew a yellow belt buckle in the middle.  This project obviously varies from letter to letter, but it’s so fun and easy – a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Last but not least, let’s take a peek at the Klein family Christmas tree for the last mini-project.  This one is from a few years ago, but it still brings a smile to my face every time the tree lights turn on.

Our Christmas tree is full of ping pong balls-turned-Christmas lights.  ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, Dan was looking for projects… When we first moved in together, Dan was looking for a way to make our holiday tradition of tree trimming a little more memorable.  He stumbled across this pong pong light tutorial from Instructables and modified it to create a fun and festive holiday glow on our tree.

To do this, he bought a bulk package of ping pong balls on Amazon and took a regular multi-colored string of lights that we were planning to wrap around the tree.  He poked holes in each ping pong ball with an X-acto knife, making an X in each one.  Then he just popped the ping pong balls right over the lights.  After one year, we decided that they would last longer if we hot glued them on, so now they’re stuck.  And we love them.

To recap today’s holiday magic, we’ve got reindeer, alterna-wreaths, and ping pong lights.  What could possibly bring you more good cheer than that?

If you said a Colts jersey wearing, Peyton Manning Christmas ornament, you’re right. :)  Happy holidays everyone!


3 thoughts on “Reindeer, Alterna-Wreaths, and Ping Pong Lights

  1. I’m loving your door the best! We don’t go all nuts in our house for Christmas. But I did make a cute snowman decoration for the winter. I definitely like decor you can use for more than a few days.

    • Thanks Meghan! I know what you mean – it’s always best to do things that can last for the whole season! That’s why I love anything white, gold, and wintry.

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