An Open Letter to Summer 2015

Dear Summer 2015,

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about things that are important in my life right now. A recent Facebook status I posted read, “In the past six months, I’ve had three jobs, two names, and one health scare. Finally feeling like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be is a pretty sweet deal.”

This is all true. I’ve spent my entire summer in limbo without much time or energy to truly enjoy the world around me, and more importantly, the people around me. I haven’t been able to give attention to my family, friends, cats, or this blog. I’ve either been focused on work or on my health (both important, but not the only things that matter).

While snapping at Dan over the weekend during a chair makeover gone wrong, I realized something: all of this pressure and guilt that I’ve been feeling? It’s all coming from one place: me. No one around me has ever pushed me or placed blame on me this summer. That’s all my own doing.

Sometimes I would rather go on a walk in my neighborhood than write a blog post. Sometimes I’m craving a trip to the beach so badly that I’ll forego a project at home. Deep breath, Krista. All of that is okay.

What does this mean for you, my friends and blog readers? Well, for starters, I love being creative and I love writing even more. This blog (and the projects that have come along with it) is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I would hate for it to become a chore or something that adds stress to my plate.

So? Creating Krista will be evolving a bit as we move into fall. I’m going to be expanding the content to include other things: not just crafts, DIY projects, and home renovations, but other creative things that I love. Here’s just a few things that have been brewing:

-A Creating Krista Etsy Shop: Making mood boards for different spaces and testing the waters of being a very beginner entrepreneur.

-Traveling Fun: Traveling on a budget and taking long weekends has become one of my favorite pastimes. I love getting tips on traveling and making the best out of mini-vacations, so look forward to some more life-related updates on this topic!

-Getting Dressed with Pinterest: I’ve been really loving the chance to get dressed in an outfit that doesn’t involve wearing a polo shirt or worrying about the ability to accommodate a drainage tube and bag. In fact, getting dressed is one of my favorite hobbies and I’ve been really utilizing Pinterest to help me visualize my outfits every morning. I’d like to share this creative side of myself with the blog world!

-Life in New Jersey: There are so many awesome things to do in New Jersey (shoutout to my friend Cyd at New Jersey Isn’t Boring for sharing those things with the world!), and I want to highlight some of the activities that Dan and I engage in to entertain ourselves in the Garden State.  We especially love living in Madison and all of the fun that this little town provides us, so I want to share that as well.

Summer 2015, you’ve opened my eyes and my horizons. Fall is quickly approaching, and it’s time to grow and push myself beyond what is comfortable. Let’s do this.



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