Getting Dressed with Pinterest

During my Open Letter to Summer 2015, I mentioned my desire to expand Creating Krista slightly beyond DIY projects at home, which means taking the time to discuss other fun creative outlets.  Today, you’re in luck: I’m posting all about Pinterest-inspired fashion!

Before we get to a week of Pinterest-inspired outfits, I’ll tell you a story about how I went from dressing in simple black business pants and boring blue sweaters to fun layers, colors, statement necklaces and more.  I love getting dressed every morning, and I finally feel like I’ve actually built a closet of items that I wear on a regular basis.  It all started when I jumped into a personal challenge back in 2014.

Some of you may remember the #100happydays project that took up quite a bit of space on my social media feeds nearly two years ago.  I enjoyed the idea of taking a picture every day, and sometimes the easiest thing for me to document was my outfit.

My first documented outfit: a striped sweater, leopard print scarf, and booties.  The caption was simply “Forcing Dan to document my pattern mixing today.”

It was around this time of frequent photo taking that I decided: why not start looking for outfit inspiration, just like I had started looking for DIY inspiration a few months earlier?  I created a Pinterest board called “Outfit of the Day” and started getting serious about pinning.  It all really started with an outfit pin of blue jeans, green sweater, and leopard scarf – an obsession that led me to accumulate quite a few green and leopard print clothing items.

Essentially, my dressing process began with one particular item that I had in my closet.  I thought, “I want to wear my black skinny jeans tomorrow”, and I started pinning as many photos as I could with black jeans in them.  This gave me a few ideas: black jeans and chambray tops, black jeans and long, comfy cardigans, and black jeans and stripes.  After a while, I started to notice quite a few recurring patterns: certain items were extremely versatile and popped up in quite a number of my pinned outfits.  I started to build my closet around these staples and I now possess quite the pinnable wardrobe.  It’s taken me about a year and a half to really feel confident in my outfit choices, with less and less frustrated mornings of changing out different items.  Here are a few lessons I’ve learned from getting dressed with Pinterest, broken down in a side-by-side outfit comparison.

You can never go wrong with stripes.

Ahh, stripes.  Whether they’re big, bold and nautical or skinny and nearly neutral, stripes are a constant companion to almost any outfit.  Since I started using my Pinterest guide to work attire, I’ve accumulated tops that are green striped, navy striped, black and white striped, nude striped, gray striped… the list goes on.  They match with almost any bottom, especially any of my favorite colored jeans.  For the purposes of this outfit, I snagged a navy striped dress and paired it with a chambray shirt, tying it loosely on top.  The chambray shirt is from the Gap Factory Outlet a few years ago, and the striped dress is also from Gap Factory – on sale for less than $20 right now!  My necklace is from J. Crew Factory a few years ago, and the flats are from Target.  You’ll notice a pattern… lots and lots of outlet shopping!

Leopard is a neutral.

The real fashion genius is my mom.  For years, she has been a true believer in the value of animal print, heretofore known as leopard.  After my very first outfit inspiration pin included a leopard scarf, I went out and bought a leopard scarf (this is sounding eerily like the Mean Girls‘ obsession with Cady Heron’s army pants and flip flops, but I digress).  Leopard works with solids, stripes, florals, and nearly any individual color.  While I do truly believe that it’s a neutral, I also think it’s best in small doses: think scarf, shoes, bracelet, or belt.  It’s the perfect pattern to spice up your wardrobe and utilize for pattern mixing, much like I experimented in my very first Outfit of the Day post above.  For this outfit, I wore a dark gray dress from the Gap Factory outlet, a mustard cardigan, flats, and leopard scarf – all from Target a few years ago.

Lace is lovely.

With my newfound habit of scouring Pinterest for specific items in my closet (in this case, red pants), I’ve noticed how frequently lace pops up in a variety of outfit choices.  I’ve thought about this recurrence a lot, and I’ve decided that lace adds interest to any outfit.  It also makes any outfit more work appropriate, as long as you’re dressing it up properly and wearing a neutral tank top underneath.  Wearing a white lace top is much dressier than wearing a white t-shirt, and it still pairs well with any color of jeans, skirt, or dress pants.  Since I picked up this top, I’ve acquired another white top from Target, a black lace top from Nordstrom rack, and a front lace top from Old Navy. This top is a scalloped lace top from J. Crew Factory  (similar, in black) as is the pendant necklace.  The red pants are from Old Navy, and the leopard flats are from Target.

Embrace the unexpected.

After 28 years of fervently embracing bright colors in all aspects of my life (paint choices, wedding colors, rugs, comforters, you name it – I picked the brightest color), I never once thought about buying anything in the color fuschia.  Hot pink and I were just not on the same color team.  However, after searching for outfits with patterned pants, I noticed the recurrence of fuschia in my Pinterest feed.  You can’t see it too clearly, but I’m wearing polka dotted pants, one of my favorite wardrobe staples.  I never would have thought about wearing such a bright color with them, but Pinterest has taught me to embrace the unexpected and make a bold decision now and then.  I’ve now acquired two fuschia tees and one fuschia sweater for mixing and matching in all seasons.  This top and necklace are from Loft, the pants are from H&M, and the nude flats are from Marshalls.

I’ve now fallen into the habit of checking Pinterest every night before choosing my outfit for the next day.  It inspires me, encourages me to make bolder choices, and gives me something to look forward to the next day while getting dressed before work.  I love mixing and matching now that I’ve acquired some of the more essential and recurring pieces in the fashion world.  Do you use Pinterest to make outfit choices?  What have you learned?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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