Creating Krista’s Year In Review: 2015

We’ve almost made it: we are in the home stretch of 2015!  I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic person, and I can usually look back and reflect on years past with fond memories and enthusiasm.  However, this year was a little bit rough for us.  2015 started with a bang: a firm decision to start the kitchen renovation process, a guest bathroom makeover, and lots of excitement for what was to come.  Just a few months into the year, Dan broke his hand, which made it pretty difficult for us to get anything project-related done.  A month after that, I went through a major job transition at work, and then another job transition mid-year.  Not to mention my ruptured appendix, general stress and anxiety, and a rotted Christmas tree to top it all off… needless to say, I’m ready to wave hello to 2016!

Before we get to that, though, let’s put a more positive spin on the past year and revisit some of the most popular posts of 2015.  This year in blogging, I got into mood boards and designing for Creating Krista 101 (thanks Karen, for being my guinea pig!).  We also had a super fun guest post about a Mad Men-inspired bar from my friend Elle over at Elle Makes Belle.  We crafted a lot (we always do), and we branched out to talk about non-DIY things like my 30-before-30 list.

Altogether, Dan and I wrote 47 blog posts this year in the hopes that you, the readers (and others who happen to stumble upon our humble blog) would feel inspired to create something for yourselves.  We hope you had fun following along with us this year!

Guest Bathroom Reveal

One of our first (and proudest!) projects this year was giving the downstairs bathroom a refreshing makeover.  I remember late one December evening when I pitched the idea to Dan to give up his entire winter break to work on this project with me.  We chose one of my now-favorite paint colors, Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Gray, to spice up our walls.  We also replaced our wall-to-wall mirror with this framed beauty from Home Depot, updated our light fixture, changed hardware, and installed a new faucet.  My Bathroom Mood Board really came to life with pops of green, navy, and bronze throughout the space.  I still go into that bathroom and get all starry-eyed, and I’m so glad that we spent the $381 to give this room a fresh look.

Getting Dressed with Pinterest

After the great appendix rupture of 2015, I wrote that I wanted to move the blog in a different direction and tackle other lifestyle-related projects, not just DIY and crafting.  It’s been hard to find the time to tackle bigger projects, write about them, take photos of them, AND still manage to keep other aspects of life running smoothly.  Winter is especially hard with the lack of outdoor space to use for crafting and woodworking.  One of my favorite (and most popular) non-DIY posts this year was about getting dressed with Pinterest.  I used some of my favorite Pinterest finds to guide my fashion choices for a week and shared the results with all of you: lace, leopard, stripes, and bright colors have become my absolute favorite Pinterest staples in my own wardrobe.

Kitchen Renovation

Of course, it’s no surprise that our kitchen renovation post was one of the most popular for 2015.  While we weren’t comfortable with taking this renovation on completely by ourselves, we did make a few big changes to the kitchen that I blogged about, from changing the layout and moving the sink to the corner to extending the kitchen by two feet to accommodate more counter space.  Dan and I also made our countertop, cabinet, hardware, and backsplash choices.  I even blogged about decorating our floating shelves and glass cabinet to create that fun and lived in look.  Since this post, we’ve added a Kitchen Command Center, a no-sew roman shade to our big window, and are currently working on installing a brand new light fixture and upgrading our second pantry.  Some projects never end.

Can you believe we’ve filled this blog with 47 posts this year?  We’ve had a lot going on, and I am honestly happy that things have been slowing down for us.  We have a few small projects in the works for 2016, starting with a lengthy repainting process and another bathroom renovation.  We’ll keep you posted, of course, as things move along.  And as always, please let me know if you have any projects or posts you’d like to see in 2016!

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