About Krista


Hello there readers!  You’ve stumbled upon Creating Krista, my online home for everything creative and reflective: crafting, home décor, DIY projects, and everything in between.  I love getting my hands dirty and brainstorming the next big (or small) project with my husband, Dan.

In my other life, I work with college students, more specifically in the field of student affairs.  In this part of the college environment, students engage in learning opportunities outside of the classroom and connect with fellow students, staff, faculty, and reflect on themselves.  As a student affairs professional, I am an educator who creates learning experiences for students, more specifically by engaging them with the community and immersing them in community service.

I don’t like to sit on the couch for too long: I’m also a part-time Jazzercise fitness instructor, Ron Swanson enthusiast, and cat lover!  Feel free to visit http://about.me/kristakohlmann to connect through social media.  You can also follow me on Twitter @creatingkrista or on Instagram @creatingkrista!

Looking to collaborate, write a guest post, sponsor this blog, or provide a giveaway/raffle to the readers?  Any communication can come directly to creatingkrista@gmail.com.  Thanks for your interest!